BERLON /Consume /Own /Map /XChange /Chalk /Drive /Mesh Berlin London Wireless Culture Workshop in the context of the conference Urban Drift ( 12th -13th October 2002, 12.00 - 20.00 Uhr at BOOTLAB, Ziegelstrasse 20, 10115 Berlin-Mitte Organised by BOOTLAB ( in collaboration with Heinrich Boell Stiftung ( and Registration till 7.10.02 at: Freenetworkers from both London and Berlin present 2 days of practical workshops and open discussions detailing work in progress, inviting your comment and collaboration Preliminary Programme: Saturday 12th October Help us build a new FreeNetworks node in Berlin which will link to the growing London wireless network elektrosmog inviting xchange and interference of sound, image and script 12.00 Introduction to freenetworking and WLAN development, by James Stevens 13.00 NodeBuilding, hard and softwarez for wireless access points, by Kim Hawtin and Vortex 15.00 Antenna [de]construction - DIY patch antenna, by Alexei Blinov 17.00 Netstumbling, Chalking and Cartography, by Vortex 19.00 xchange, P2P, media scheduling and RawDriving, by everyone Sunday 13th October Information, reflection discussion on freenetworking and wireless culture 12.00 Review of international Freenetworking an [evol]ution of environment 13.00 Ownership and xchange, a wireless GPL and why you need it 14.00 UrbanLetterBoxing, a hyper-psychogeographical game 15.00 Review of the BerLon wireless link 16.00 Future co-operation and projects in Free-Networking 17.00 open end Read More: A small group of artists, writers and computer freenetwork practitioners who are based in London and all of which are participants in a UK wide project called come to Berlin to collaborate with some of the active WLAN groups in Berlin from bootlab and w:lab. With currently around 100 wireless access nodes (hotspots) in the UK is leading the field in deployment of Open Wireless Networking and supporting self provision of networking. Berlin too has an active range of both commercial and freenetworking wireless enthusiasts with whom have established contact and begun a free exchange of ideas and information. The aim of the workshop is to deepen and broaden this collaboration between Berlin and London Wireless groups. The feasability of freenetworks and their technological, cultural and political implications are going to be demonstrated and discussed. The workshop has a hands on approach. The intention is to build a wireless node with a wide variety of services and to install it for open access use in a Berlin public location. The workshop will demonstrate how to set up a UNIX based wireless node, from antenna to firewall router, that can be brought into immediate service and introduced into the Berlin wireless environment. The wireless node will present a rich variety of exchangable data, software, music, video, games or text. There would be a focus on public streaming media and its open relay over this node and how this can be integrated with similar systems elsewhere and offered for use. This node would then be put up permanently in a public location in Berlin. The uses and potential of such public networks will be expressed by roaming agents who build cartographic images of the node propagation (air shadow), interact with the public (video projector, sound system) and interconnect with home networks. People will be encouraged to participate in a city wide paper chase, whereby public access nodes will be used to hide bits of a puzzle, and visits rooftops, where antennas are installed. Participants from London Armin Medosch , Organisation James Stevens , Consume/Spc Simon Worthington , YouAreHere/Mute Gio D'Angelo , Spc Vortex , Saul Albert Ian Morrison Alexei Blinow, , Raylab, London Kim Hawtin Kass Hot-Schmitt Participants from Berlin Moritz Meinesz, das w:lab Thomax Kaulmann, bootlab URL's: Consume bootlab w:lab