# How did it start?

Founded July 2000
By Julian Priest and James Stevens
Built web site
Initial meetings
Mailing List
1000 list members
200 planned or operational nodes
Media Interest
Government consultation

# Early ideas, Wireless in Clink Street

# The Clink street Community

Early 90ís onwards
Artists Photographers Filmakers
Musicians [Ninja Tune, Cold Cut etc.]
Public Access art space [ ]
Digital Artists [
i/o/d audiorom etc.]
Emerging Internet Businesses

# A Network Connection

1995/96 Internet
Elsewhere mostly dialup or ISDN
Obsolete bought leased line
512Kbps permanently open internet connections
$60,000 per year [£40,000]
Wired up the building so that it became a shared resource / cost
New wired businesses and arts flourished

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