# Business Internet Provision

Leased Lines from User to ISP remain expensive
Cost of internet bandwidth continues to fall as market becomes comoditised
Intense Competition in backbone provision


# Local Loop Con

Local Loop costs comparable to Internet Charges

2Mbps leased line within central London 2Mbps internet provision

BT Annual Leased Line Rental = 4100
[ 6023 connection fee]
Source Brtitish Telecom web site

Annual Internet Bandwidth Charge = 4320
[ 1000 connection fee]
Source band-x bandwidth exchange

5kms == The whole world

# Payment at the edges

Telco / Local Loop / $

# Current .uk Telecoms Position

Un Bundling of the local loop by 2002
3G licenses cause $120 billion debt mountain
International competition
Falling prices
Free network projects

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