'Trip the Loop....'

the pages here at X illustrate freenetwork activities drawn together and co-ordinated by James Stevens @ SPC in London SE8.

DECKSPACE opened in Greenwich during the spring of 2001 and joins the festival each year with 'X' to present BlinkX and ConsumeX.

'X' is most active each year during DeptfordX Festival when we hold workshops at Deckspace and present active projects, host meetings, present AV media and public events.

This year we will also be presenting a new Community Broadband Network development in the area called Boundless which picks up on the ConsumeX initiative to establish an Social Enterprise that will broaden the scope for access engagement and resourse sharing in the area 10 fold. Please have a read, come to a meeting.. and join in.

DeptfordX is London's newest and fastest growing visual arts festival. It's focus is Deptford in South London, an area home to a growing community of artists, galleries and innovators, educational centres and community network initiatives.